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    Thanks for your care and attention
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    A very, very, nice box!
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    England customer
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Electricity supplier of the road jewelry industry - gold and silver Street Mall formally launched

  • Author:jimmy
  • Source:News from Shanxinet
  • Release on:2015-04-21
Electricity supplier of the road jewelry display - gold and silver Street Mall formally launched

Brewmaster network on liquor products, buy baby red child, to buy cosmetics on the United States together superior products, in recent years, various types of vertical electric provider is popular, but compared to the prosperity and development of other industries, the electricity supplier, electricity providers started relatively jewelry night, underdevelopment. American History 1929-2000 annual retail jewelry display: jewelry consumption will reach $ 5,000 after entering the golden period of growth in per capita GDP, while in 2013, when China's per capita GDP was $ 6,800, which also shows: from the beginning of 2013, China's jewelry industry has entered a golden age, and with China's economic restructuring, to further enhance the consumption share of GDP, China's jewelry industry, the future will have a broader space for development. March 1, 2015, "Provisional Regulations on real estate registration," the official implementation, the central bank announced interest rate cuts, the traditional securities, real estate and bank deposits and other investment banking projects gradually downturn, while gold and other precious metals will become the new hot spot for investment, the future market demand will continue to rise.

Demand spawned products: gold and silver emerged Street

At present, China's jewelry design, manufacture and sales center focused on the Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, the water park shell jewelry, jewelry box, many manufacturers have long park for the world-renowned luxury brand OEM, regardless of process equipment or manufacturing technology and first-class level can par, but ignore the long-term brand building and industry chain integration, resulting in traditional jewelry product competition homogeneity, jewelry factory overcapacity problems, many foundries are facing more pressure transformation, jewelry electricity supplier is undoubtedly a very good solution. In recent years, traditional jewelry industry companies have electric shock, seek new market opportunities. Electricity supplier of jewelry to jewelry industry has brought new business development opportunities, but the development of the jewelry industry, electricity providers confusion, industry dispersed supply chain messy, market segmentation serious, leading to more and more jewelry business development into a bottleneck, it is difficult achieve real transformation of their own development, the jewelry industry need to integrate an industry resources to help companies achieve the transformation of traditional jewelry professional platform, therefore, gold and silver street, a professional jewelry industry vertical electronic business platform, came into being.

April 22, 2015, well-known street of gold and silver jewelry brand jewelry industry announced its vertical class business platform - Gold and Silver Street formally launched. As the first independent jewelry industry more business platform for gold and silver street erected a convenient bridge between the jeweler and the consumer, the more opportunity to bring the entire resource integration and strategic transformation of the jewelry industry, since then, the jewelry industry will officially open their own electricity supplier of the road.

TO businesses: professional nanny personal service

Different from Lynx, Jingdong, Amazon and other integrated business platform, gold and silver Street are "tailor-made for the jewelry industry," the professional platform. For example, gold and silver Street for price changes, the development of a real-time function to change the price; the particularity of the jewelry industry products, select professional courier logistics. In addition, gold and silver Street will be for businesses to provide professional hosting, consulting, training, design and other aspects of the nanny personal service. In short, gold and silver settled Street jewelers bring specialization can enjoy efficient and convenient.

TO Consumers: security zero-risk shopping

Today, the "online shopping" is no longer a new word, but compared to the costume jewelry, footwear and other products, high-end products, the higher their value, pay more attention to experience features, customer network worry more when purchased. To solve this problem, gold and silver Street solemn promise: Gold and Silver Street will be strict quality control to ensure that all genuine, provide the appraisal report, and to support the arrival of verification; while providing free product insurance against loss, damage, ensure the safety of delivery; false goods, lost, damaged, full payment, to ensure the safety of consumers shopping zero risk.

Government, industry have support

Professional achievement trust, innovation and development of gold and silver jewelry industry vertical electric street trader professional platform, has been the height of the Chengdu Municipal Government recognition and support. March 24, 2015 morning, the Chengdu Municipal Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary Wang Zhonglin, Taurus Party Committee, Political Committee Secretary car Chengzhi and his party come to inspect e-commerce development of gold and silver bullion Street Street, and with gold and silver Street managers face to face communication forum. At the meeting secretary Wang Zhonglin affirmed innovation and development of gold and silver jewelry industry, electricity providers Street thinking and encourages team silver street in anticipating market changes and adapt to the constantly evolving under the premise of social innovation, the early realization of gold and silver Street "rooted in Chengdu, Radiation west, and strive to achieve by 2020 the western gold jewelry industry leading position, "the grand goal, which is the development of innovative enterprises in Chengdu play a good exemplary role.

It is reported that gold and silver Street has established a collaboration with a number of jewelers, gold, many of them Chinese, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, love jewelry and other famous brands. The gold and silver Street also said it will continue to enrich the brand platform, to ensure comprehensiveness and diversity of products to meet consumer demand for more personalized shopping.