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The treasures of Troy stranded in Russia

  • Author:Josephine wang
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2014-11-06
Due to the limitations of historical literature, the history of many peoples of the world are based on myths and legends open. The story of the Trojan War is open dawn Greece and the whole of Western civilization. Blind ancient Greek poet Homer in the "Iliad" in the description of the Trojan War not only laid the cornerstone of Greek literature, and became a family history of the beginning, even for the later European literary giants "Renaissance" period of Chaucer, Shakespeare, etc. people's writings have provided inspiration and material.
After the spread of Homer and many later poets of ancient Greece and Rome, the legendary hero Achilles, Hector, Odysseus and peerless beauty Helen, became the most vivid figures of Greek history.
After the 19th century, many people began to doubt the authenticity of Troy, they speculated that this is just a folk tale that does not exist. But from 1873 onwards, German Schliemann's name as ancient Greece and Troy, like many heroes linked together. Schliemann boyhood he had read a book about the Trojan War, the legendary book fascinated him. He once wrote: "When I was a poor boy, I have a (mining Troy) grand vision."
The early business life makes Schliemann became wealthy. But he looking for, mining Troy ambitions but it has not changed. Since then, Schliemann traveled to Greece and Turkey, personally traveled to important historical sites Homeric. 1870, Schliemann found in northwestern Turkey Xisha Rick Hill best meets epic Troy location. Even mining licenses are not available, he could not wait to be digging in there. Over the next few years, Schliemann led a team of more than 100 mining sites have been excavated in anticipation of a vertically stacked in four urban sites, where there had obviously been a fire burned at the scene. Schliemann excited to announce: he found the walls of Homer's Troy.
Schliemann according to Homer's narrative, finds to be in the most Troy palace ruins early, so frantically dig up. Schliemann's aim is to find the heroic era of his mind, and therefore many of the top sites in earthworks without cleaning up so easily thrown away, it makes a lot of heartache later archaeologists. Because of the mentality too fast, and lack of expertise, Schliemann's dig too far, he eventually finds the royal palace of Troy actually earlier than Homeric 1,000 years. The Heroic Age city that Schliemann eager to find he has been thrown away as garbage.
June 1873, Schliemann's excavation team discovered gold in ruins. In the workers sent away after Xielimanfu women will clean up the ruins of gold eleven transfer, including two golden crown, gold pieces, statues, jewelry, etc., for a total of nearly 9,000. Schliemann think this is Troy palace treasures. This finding not only that he flourishes, but also realized his lifelong dream --- find Troy!
Schliemann had the Turkish government to grant mining licenses on the premise that there must be excavated relics half turned, and Schliemann was contrary to the provisions of all the treasures of Troy secretly shipped out of Turkey. Schliemann wanted these treasures in the "Homer" exhibit hometown Greece, but the Greek government under pressure on the Turkish government refused to accept these treasures. Schliemann turn them to the British Museum in London, and therefore a glimpse of hope, but also failed to achieve aspirations. Finally, these treasures were transported to Berlin, Germany.
Half a century later, World War II broke out, the original collection of treasures in the Berlin Museum of Troy mysteriously disappeared. Until 1996, the last time Russia's Pushkin Museum exhibition, Treasures of Troy was brought to light. So far we know that people who treasure already at the end of the war were secretly shipped to Moscow.
Germany, Turkey, Greece, Russia have claimed all this wealth should go to their own, Troy treasures has become the most controversial treasures. But for treasure discoverer Schliemann, the most important is his legendary found to show the world some lost civilization.