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The History of Engagement ring in the world

The History of Engagement ring in the world

Josephine wang Yadao 2014-08-19 11:12:50

[REVIEW] The earliest use of the ring who is Greek tragic hero - Prometheus Bound. Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing fire to mankind, he strapped on test Ka Susi hill, every day an eagle flew to the mountain, to peck out his internal organs, to the night, he lost organs will grow back come out. Later, vigorously Shihaigehe kill Chris Eagles, he was rescued, he had strapped chains turned it into his ring. This is the version of myths and legends.
         Spread Later, on behalf of each other to maintain the meaning of the ring, so as early as Roman times, wear rings for men and women has become a way of mutual commitments. Marriage is one of a person's marriage. Round wedding ring, a symbol of life and eternity, and the reason why the wedding ring worn on the ring finger, because the Egyptians believed that finger blood straight atrium, where you can reach the head of love - the heart. Since ancient Romans believed that the ring finger is guarded by the sun god Apollo finger, so wearing a ring on the ring finger, especially the power of the sun boarding diamond ring, more to strengthen love, let love enduring.
         China's argument is: In ancient times, kings patronize over concubine, he gave her a silver ring as a voucher, when she gave birth to a child, and then replaced gold ring. Later, ordinary people have to ring as proof of marriage, gradually evolved into a wedding ring.

17 or 19 centuries, Jews wedding stamp 

Wedding ring is considered a token of love. In ancient Rome, the ring is a symbol of rights. Legend, the first one as a diamond wedding ring marriage commitment dates back to 1503 Venice; also said that the Austrian Archduke Maximilian (Maximilian) donated bride Mary of Burgundy (Mary of Burgundy) is the world's wedding ring The first one engagement ring. That in the end how the truth? Let's check it out now!

Wedding ring Victorian England 


Modern Engagement Ring 

From ancient Rome to the modern wedding ring constantly being added fashionable elements. A symbol of noble and beautiful diamonds, pearls, precious stones, are "regulars" wedding ring on, however, engagement ring and wedding ring, but have different differences. Married in exchange for a wedding ring is usually more elegant prime circle, for aesthetic fashion, jewelry designers will add a little bit of small drill to show special.
However, to marry the engagement ring usually has a prominent diamond or gemstone embellishment, while down on one knee to propose such rings can often seem more sincere earnest. Many women might have because of this stunning engagement ring said yes, oh.
In ancient Egypt, there was such a wedding boom. Wedding ring worn on the bride's finger, said the bride for her husband's loyalty and obedience. They believe that the ring finger is directly connected to the heart of the location, which means soulmate. Today, when a pair of men and women to formalize the relationship, the man gave the woman a ring first - before marriage are wearing the right hand ring finger, married wearing his left ring finger, meaning the left hand with the heart.