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What Are Jewelry Design Schools?

  • Author:Daisy
  • Release on:2016-09-02

What Are Jewelry Design Schools?

A jewelry design school is a type of educational institute or program that teaches students the art of jewelry design.

While enrolled in jewelry design schools, students will learn about all different aspects of jewelry design, including the different types of jewelry. Some students might focus on designing more traditional types of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets. With body jewelry and piercings becoming more and more popular, designing non-traditional types of jewelry is also becoming popular. This type of jewelry includes body jewelry, nasal jewelry, and surface jewelry. Some designers even create jewelry for pets and animals.

Jewelry design schools will also teach students a number of techniques for creating original and fashionable pieces. Some of the pieces that students will design might be trendy, while others might be classic or historically influenced. Students will usually learn how to create pieces from a number of different materials as well, including precious metals like silver and gold.

What Are the Different Types of Jewelry Design Schools?

Typically, jewelry design schools are not actual independent educational facilities. Instead, they are usually part of larger educational facilities. Traditional colleges and universities, for instance, might offer accessory of fashion design degree programs, as do many art institutes and vocational schools.

Fashion institutes also usually offer jewelry design degree programs. These educational facilities are often the best choice for aspiring jewelry designers, since they are primarily focused on the fashion industry.

Busy students with job or family obligations might also be able to find online jewelry design schools or programs. The online course materials for these types of schools and programs can typically be accessed by students 24 hours a day. This enables students to earn jewelry design degrees in their own time, without conforming to strict schedules.

What Types of Degree Programs are Offered at Jewelry Design Schools?

Students often have a choice of a few different types of degrees. Community colleges and vocational schools might offer certificate or diploma programs, for instance. These programs typically allow students to learn the basics of jewelry design, and they can take up to a year to complete. Students with certificates and diplomas in jewelry design might qualify for entry level positions in the jewelry industry.

Many jewelry designers, however, choose associate or bachelor degree programs in jewelry design, which typically take two and four years to complete, respectively. These enable students to learn more in depth about jewelry design and the jewelry industry in general. Students who spend these additional years in school will typically gain more hands on experience, and they will usually be able to compete for more job opportunities.

Individuals interested in jewelry design as a career also typically have two choices when deciding on their majors. Accessory design majors, for instance, concentrate on all fashion accessories, including jewelry, handbags, shoes, and scarves. Some schools, however, offer jewelry design majors, which concentrate on designing and making just jewelry. The major that a student chooses will likely be influenced by the availability and career goals.

Students enrolled in jewelry design schools and programs will often begin their educations with the basics of the industry and the craft. They will typically learn about the different types of jewelry, as well as the history of jewelry and jewelry design. Students will also be taught about the materials that can be used to create jewelry. This can include materials such as precious metals and gemstones.

Artistic skills and talents are also important when pursuing a jewelry design career. Students enrolled in jewelry design programs will usually take classes in sketching, drawing, CAD, model making, and mold making.

Many of the courses offered at jewelry design schools involve extensive hands-on training. Students might be given the opportunity to weld and solder metals, for instance, or cut and polish gems. They will also take courses in engraving, casting, wire work, and setting stones. During these hands-on courses, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the tools used in the jewelry making process by designing and creating several different pieces of jewelry.

What Can I Do With a Degree From a Jewelry Design School?

Individuals who earn degrees from jewelry design schools are often well prepared for several different exciting and rewarding careers in the jewelry industry. Most have the training, skills, and experience, and all that’s missing is a job.

A jewelry design degree can help prepare students for jobs in jewelry stores, selling and repairing jewelry. Some jewelry store employees might also be called upon to design and create one of a kind pieces for customers.

Jewelry manufacturers also hire jewelry designers as well. These professionals are in charge of designing classic and trendy jewelry for the masses. The designs that are created are typically mass produced and sold in jewelry stores and kiosks across the world.

Entrepreneurial jewelry designers can also choose to go into business for themselves. For instance, they might open their own jewelry store, or design their own original and unique jewelry line. Jewelry design schools also help prepare individuals for starting successful craft art careers, selling handmade jewelry at craft shows, craft co-ops, or online.

Do I Need a Degree From a Jewelry Design School?

Not all jewelry designers need degrees from accredited jewelry design schools. Some professionals in this industry, for instance, have been able to secure apprenticeships or learn the craft on their own. These methods of breaking into the jewelry industry are acceptable and just as difficult as – if not more difficult than – earning a degree from a jewelry design school.

Chances are, however, you most likely won’t go very far in the jewelry industry without a formal education.

If you’re happy working in a small local jewelry store or working as a craft artist, a degree in jewelry design is not usually necessary. A degree in this area, however, makes you a strong contender for more sought after jobs in the industry. By earning a degree in jewelry design, you will better your odds for getting higher level positions, complete with higher salaries.