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Qing Dynasty jade jewelry in sterling silver incense box

Qing Dynasty jade jewelry in sterling silver incense box

Tina Yadao 2016-04-27 14:59:35
The so-called incense box that used to dress with the incense of spices in small containers. The composition is very simple incense box, box body and the lid is in two parts, the size of the palm of your hand can usually hold, bamboo, wood, ivory, lacquer, metal, jade, porcelain and other materials. Small incense boxes, brought together sculpture, mosaics, gilt, paintings and many other technology, exquisite and unique, full of elegance, is both practical value, but also perform in the hands of playing works of art.

In ancient artifacts among many Wen room Follow incense box obtained in no way inferior to other paper stationery. "Dream of Red Mansions", the Tan Chun begged gem to stroll outside in time to see the "whole bamboo root pull incense box child", be sure to buy her back. Thus, the unique shape of the delicate fragrance cartridge is placed in the den desk to display the best objects taste taste.

Song Zhao Changqing has the word goes: "Golden delicious beast Ruiai atmosphere, Yeliangrushui wine Xunxun." Incense particularly popular in the Song Dynasty, There are all sorts of franchise scent and incense burners, carbon cake and other objects of "Hong Pharmacy" Therefore, incense box Song also highly future generations of people admire.

Song Ming Tu Long also believes carved incense box is for the crown of all was, he said, in "Dynasty nirvana I do": "The Song tick plum cane segment boxes, gold and silver is a prime, with a five-tire paint, Cephas depth with Lu makeup color, such as type needle-like leaves, yellow heart of Blackrock, eye-catching impressive, there Ding kiln Rao who have Japanese box three sons, five sons who have hit the Japanese portable travel must clinch close, do not vent the aroma, wonderful party. "

As shown in FIG. Is a Qing dynasty silver jewelry inlaid jade incense box, about 6 cm about 9 cm, pure silver, and inlaid with jade, coral, turquoise, box body lid intact.

Incense box collection when the old mainly to dilute for your: "In the old main" is handed down to select a box of incense, the more years old, the higher value; and "to dilute for your" is to start in the material, type, material more rare and more rare type, the more exquisite craft, the higher the value.