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    Thanks for your care and attention
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    A very, very, nice box!
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    England customer
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Nine Tips for Maintaining Our Jewelry

  • Author:Jenny
  • Release on:2022-03-03
In fact, there are many details that must be paid attention to in the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry. For example, do not touch jewelry with your hands often; do not let perfume spray on the surface of jewelry when applying makeup; pearls should be soaked in water to add moisture; ultrasonic cleaning machines cannot be used, and Regularly check for small looseness. Here, you should pay attention to nine methods of correctly wearing jewelry and maintenance methods for consumers' reference, so as to avoid accidental damage to jewelry.

1. Clean jewelry with toothpaste? is it wrong?

In the jewelry industry, there is such a proverb: "Use a toothbrush, toothpaste, and brush your jewelry to be as bright as new jewelry." Cleaning jewelry is as it should be, but toothpaste is not ideal, because toothpaste contains fine-grained materials with high abrasive hardness, these are small but up to six or seven degrees of hardness (almost the same, so toothpaste for cleaning crystal jewelry) Surface damage is lower than crystal hardness, especially gold and pearl, K gold surface; pearl is absolutely avoided, the most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactant (eg salad, baby shampoo).

2. Don't touch it often.

Jewelry can be worn on the body to protect and clean. It looks simple, but it is not easy. Many people can't help but touch the surface of the gemstone when they see the attractiveness of the jewelry. This practice will affect the luster and brightness of the gemstone.

The human body from time to time on the surface of sweat and oily skin excretion, the hand is the most accessible body part, so the quality of the surface is often the skin of the hand, touching the stone, the oily hand is easy to stay on the gemstone on it, and affects the luster and luster of the gemstone. brightness. In particular, diamonds are lipophilic gems, and the surface is easily contaminated by oil, which greatly affects the luster. But jadeite belongs to the collection structure, and touching it often can make jadeite more tender and lovely.

3. Tap water damages pearl luster

Some people want to wash and maintain after wearing a few pearls, but don't know how to use clean tap water that has little effect on the jewelry, but if it's not used to soak the pearls. Because tap water has a fixed chlorine content (C1), it will destroy the luster of the pearl surface. In fact, the foam should be washed with mineral water.

The other pearl is put on before washing to keep it safe so that dirt that has built up too long will cause the pearl to discolor later. But the relative humidity for storing cash and documents is relatively low, and the storage conditions are not suitable for tidal properties such as pearls, such as pearls and proteins... Therefore, moisture must be removed each time to maintain and replenish humidity.

4. Timely removal is maintenance

The right jewelry should be based on people, things, time, place, things, and it is difficult to replace or remove, but for busy modern people, there may be no way. But at least it's better when washing, because some soaps contain varying degrees of alkalinity, which breeds for fragile gemstones during the day and months, can cause damage, and also cause soap bubbles in the ring seams, which can greatly affect The luster and brilliance of gemstones. In addition, bathing, housework, swimming, etc. are also easy to hurt the stone.

5. Be careful with ultrasonic cleaners

The ultrasonic cleaning machine with the cleaning function of K gold jewelry and K gold jewelry has a very good cleaning effect, especially the GEM can be sewn, and the grease and dust that are not clean are brushed. But ultrasonic cleaners are not suitable for all gemstones, such as emeralds and pearls... Stones with special structures will destroy their structure during ultrasonic cleaning, so definitely avoid them. Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good cleaning effect, it is not because it is used frequently. If it is used too frequently, it is easy to cause the small drill to vibrate for many times or even fall off.

6. Pay attention to acid and alkaline substances

Certain substances we encounter in our daily lives or in our food contain varying amounts of acids or bases, and these varying concentrations of acid-base chemicals can damage gemstones, especially pearls or other organic gemstones. The use of cosmetics in daily life should avoid contamination of jewelry.

Makeup and perfume should be worn first when dressing on weekdays, wearing jewelry, perfume or cosmetics to avoid high concentrations of direct contact with the jewelry surface, adding perfume, and avoiding spraying perfume directly on the jewelry surface.

7. Pay attention to the order in which the jewelry is worn

If you wear jewelry or rings, you should avoid touching clothes and purses. If you hook clothes, they won't immediately drop the main stone. Generally, the order in which jewelry is worn is to wear jewelry after clothing wears out. Imagine wearing a diamond ring with prongs and then putting on and wearing stockings. Is it dangerous to wear clothes, stockings and gems?

There are many ways of jewelry, insurance and do not check the clothes/method settings, but the instructions are wrapped around the waist, the light cannot enter, and the K gold part is used more, so the visual effect is not more beautiful and charming than the pin-and-claw setting, so The most popular jewelry market is still claw setting, but pay attention and order.

8. Carry a small jewelry bag

You may have heard of someone washing their hands in the sink, taking off their jewelry, accidentally falling on the ground and getting hurt, or slipping into the gutter; or forgetting the sink of the incident, but this is nothing new, but such crises are avoidable of.

When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will send you a small jewelry box with the jewelry inside, and the jewelry looks beautiful. Sadly, many people take their jewelry out and put it in a drawer instead of using it. In fact, this small jewelry box has its magical effect, it is small and does not happen, you can easily put the ring into the jewelry box when cleaning, if you develop this habit, you can greatly reduce the loss of jewelry rings risk. So don't bother, bring a little ring!

9. Check your jewelry regularly

Busy modern consumers tend to return home busy with jewelry, put it in a jewelry box, and then put it on to be recycled, and you can inspect it with very little effort. Taking a little time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis, such as whether the jewelry and drill are stable and not loose? Is the pearl necklace fastened? Can a clip-on earring middle latch reduce elasticity?