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How to Care for Fine Jewelry

  • Author:Pepsi
  • Release on:2021-03-19

There’s no better way to express love, appreciation, or gratitude than with a piece of fine jewelry. A luxury watch, a pair of diamond earrings, a sparkling gemstone necklace, or a uniquely-faceted ring all say more to the recipient than can be expressed with mere words. However, receiving a gift of this magnitude comes with the responsibility of caring for it properly. Luxury jewelry needs to be cleaned, serviced, inspected, and stored properly to maintain its original luster and brilliance.

Following are a few guidelines on the correct way to care for luxury jewelry to ensure that it remains as beautiful throughout its lifetime as the person who is wearing it.

Proper Storage Makes a Difference
Fine jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, and it deserves to be well cared for. Storing pieces properly extends the life of the jewelry by protecting it from scuffs, scratches, or environmental damage that can shorten its lifespan. Ideally, each ring, bracelet, pair of earrings, and watch should be stored in a safe place that’s impervious to temperature fluctuations and humidity. A jewelry box with compartments and dividers is ideal for this.  Each item should be individually wrapped and stored in a soft-lined pouch or bag within the storage container. This prevents pieces from rubbing against each other, eliminating scratches. A moisture-free environment helps prevent excessive tarnishing. If jewelry
pouches aren’t available, layers of soft tissue paper serve the same purpose. High-end watches are best stored in the box they were purchased in.

Necklaces should be handled differently. Temperature control and lack of humidity are essential here, too, but necklaces should be hung, if possible, to prevent them from tangling, knotting up, or scratching each other.