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Hong Kong jewelry industry to seize the early Maoming scale

Hong Kong jewelry industry to seize the early Maoming scale

Tina Yadao 2015-12-26 13:58:53
"I want to watch the pair of earrings." "There are other dimensions of this ring it?" "Yes, that pendant, brought a look ......" interview just ended, surrounded by the roar of construction noise did not affect people's shopping enthusiasm . Creative Industry Park within Tragic Hero jewelry trading center still under construction, the face of all kinds of new jewelery, reporters who complete the task immediately opened a "buy buy buy" mode.

Such scenes are not uncommon. Thanks to operating cost advantages, here's jewelry price is very "beautiful", so a lot of people who come to visit are tempted to sell. "This is a project co-investment in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, has signed up more than 110 enterprises, of which more than 80 companies from Hong Kong." The person in charge told reporters Jian Zhong Asia, Hong Kong's jewelry industry for the PRD confident transferred to Maoming .

Hong Kong has been Maoming largest source of foreign investment, according to Cui Jian, vice mayor of Maoming City, introduced in 2014 from Maoming City, the new Hong Kong registered corporate enterprises with foreign investment 65, representing Maoming newly registered foreign-invested corporate enterprises households 94.2 %; the total investment from Hong Kong, the registered capital, foreign subscription amount was $ 156 million, $ 153 million and $ 149 million, accounting for 96.2% in local, 96.4% and 96.3%; the amount of investment from Hong Kong to $ 127 million, accounting for 81.5% of foreign investment in the city of Maoming.

Tragic Hero jewelry Creative Industry Park is the 2014 construction of the project. Industrial Park covers an area of ​​1,100 acres, in three phases for construction. Early 250 acres of industrial land and 200 acres of land supporting the industrial park will commence in February 2014, October 1 this year, the official opening of the park. The second phase of 100 acres of commercial land, construction Jewelry Trade Center; the third phase of 530 acres of industrial land, the expansion of industrial parks.

Zhong Jian, told reporters Asia, Shenzhen and Panyu in Guangdong two important jewelry processing base, but the PRD is now high operating costs, and difficulties in recruitment, transfer is the general trend. After much investigation and ultimately selected western, on the one hand with the improvement of transport network construction, Maoming future direct sea and air navigation in the world, the other is the western 30,000,000 of human resources and improve vocational training for industry Development to provide support.

According to reports, the industrial park is also planned Maoming Tragic Hero in Hong Kong through train and Tragic Hero helipad two transport platform project, the application of low-level open direct flights from Hong Kong have Tragic Hero, Macao and the Pearl River Delta region's major flight routes. Tragic Hero in Hong Kong through train is expected to open early in 2016, will be at least four daily round-trip shuttle from Hong Kong Tragic Hero, let western Guangdong and Hong Kong to achieve unimpeded close contact. Establish two traffic platform greatly facilitate the admission Tragic Hero enterprise with Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta jewelry industry exchanges.