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Gift Packaging Created More Of A Reaction Than The Gift Itself ?

Gift Packaging Created More Of A Reaction Than The Gift Itself ?

Daisy 2016-08-11 16:06:53
We all love to receive a gift, and we all enjoy seeing the joy it brings to others when we give, but how often has the gift packaging created more of a reaction than the gift itself ? 

At Packaging World we want to make sure that the excitement is there from the moment a gift is accepted, regardless of what’s inside. How much more spectacular does a ring or necklace seem when it’s nestled snugly into sumptuous Jewellery Packaging such as a velvet-soft box or a luxurious gift pouch. Enhance any gift you give with our range of exquisite Jewellery Gift Packaging and prove that it really is the thought that counts. Whether you’re giving a gift you’ve bought online, or a gift you’ve purchased locally, the original gift packaging can often leave a lot to be desired.

Packaging World specialises in a huge range of bespoke gift packaging from ring boxes and pendant cases, to organza gift pouches with circle wraps, tassels, bows and many more to choose from. The right choice of bespoke gift packaging can make the difference between ‘Oh’, and ‘Ooooh!’ 

Of course once you have a collection of jewellery it’s important that it’s not buried away in a draw somewhere. We have a wide range of jewellery displays that can hold anything from necklaces and bracelets to eleven pairs of earrings at a time. Choose from a variety of colours that we selected to highlight the many colours of jewellery - perhaps something in black velveteen to show off a striking piece of silver or platinum, or maybe a delicate champagne to reflect the shimmering colours of a ruby and gold pendant, we have jewellery displays for every piece you wear, and every piece you don’t! For all our bespoke gift packaging, gift pouches and paper gift bags take a look around our website and explore the selections, see what catches your eye, and then you’ll be wrapping gifts that really show how you feel.