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Cartier Coloratura Fine Jewelry Collection

Cartier Coloratura Fine Jewelry Collection

Amy Liu Yadao 2018-07-12 15:14:31
The new Cartier Coloratura Fine Jewelry collection selects precious gems to explore the colorful colors and present artistic inspirations from around the world. In this unique jewellery world bred by this gemstone and color dialogue, Cartier is full of curiosity, exploring a variety of creative boundaries, blending the individuality of the universe and the traditional culture of the vast continent. The connection between the past and the present, the connection between culture and the times are all presented in the perspective of joy, joy and sharing.

The colorful world offers a rich variety of colors. The bright colors of India, the ingenious contrasts of Asian and Eastern countries, the delicate colors of Japan, the mottled colors of Africa... When these colors merge, the borders begin to blend together, just like a picture of a thousand colors, conveying the joyful atmosphere.


Cartier uses emeralds, spinels, orange garnets, turquoise and diamonds to create dazzling colour contrasts, reminiscent of exotic Eastern European festivals and traditional ladies' pleated slips. The necklace is shaped with an emerald-cut emerald, and the fascinating color reveals the color features from Afghanistan, and the unique appearance gives off a different charm. The gems that Cartier cherished have a beautiful beauty in this group of jewellery pieces. Each gem is unique and brings together into a harmonious whole. Diamonds, onyx, turquoise, spinel and orange garnets are alternately paved to create a striking geometric pattern. The beautiful colors contrast, echo and set off, which is more attractive.



The unique proportions and geometric patterns of the work are reminiscent of the paper lanterns that are common during Asian festivals. Cartier combines the precision of Computer-Assisted Design with the craftsmanship of jewellery craftsmen. The illusion of true visual effects evokes the charm of the central opal. Onyx and other gemstones form a vivid color contrast, together with the neat line design to create a deep three-dimensional beauty. The combination of green and black, the opal in the central geometric pattern has a gradation of color, and the fresh green lush green enamel contrasts with each other. The thick black onyx makes the squat pattern more realistic.



Cartier creates a gradual and elegant aesthetic with bold style. The gemstone beads are neatly draped, and the geometric patterns are repeatedly arranged to present a seemingly simple, complex and complex design. The colors and inspirations echoed from the festival dresses in the Dogon region of western Africa, giving this necklace a breathtaking aesthetic. The diamonds are connected in a group of three tourmalines. The whole is soft and draped, and the lines of the neck and neck are lightly attached. Necklace ring between soft round necks, alternately paved with diamonds and spinel beads. The center of the necklace features a geometric pattern of triangular diamonds, long cut diamonds, brilliant cut diamonds and two orange-pink spinels.


The ORIENPHONIE watch is a bracelet and a timepiece, inspired by the appearance of Nanyang shellfish and the shell bell ankle bracelet worn by local dancers. The brilliance of the work is reminiscent of the shellfish in the ocean, and its design and production process also reveals a truly complex process. It blends imbalances with vitality, nature and jewellery art. The watch shows time through the unique posture of the wrist: the wearer puts the palm of the hand toward the sky, and the dial appears as if it is open to others. Through this idea, Cartier sublimates the art of time to a sacred and full of personality. The corals, onyx and precious stones used in the works have been an important element in the Cartier color world since the 1910s.