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On the Origin of An Empress Substituted a Leopard Cat For a Crown Prince

  • Author:Tina
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2015-09-23

On the 13th, in Monaco theft ring worth 453,000 euros after three Chinese people use fake substitute, was sentenced to five years in prison.
Agence France-Presse news, January 30, 2014, three men came to Monaco a Fred (Fred) jewelry store, they walked into the store and asked the clerk to show their fancy two rings, and one outside. They gave up one of them, so that the clerk is ready to buy the ring for packaging, and leave € 500 deposit said it would be back in front of the jewelry store close to half cash, half way to the bank card payment in cash. But two customers never came back.
The next day, when the clerk opened the ring of gift wrapping, the manager found in jewelry packaging box is 一枚 fake. Two men distracted the clerk to use two gift occasion, go for a real ring. Theft ring has been very not been found.
Three suspects on February 1 this year, came to Paris. Galeries Lafayette department store in front of a counter, and they 一枚 ring worth 343,000 euros expressed interest. Before another counter, the clerk to show them they were worth 300,000 euros in two rings.
Was taken to the police station in a police car, they handed over two fake gems and two rings, these fakes are presented before the clerk ring style similar to them.
They lived in the street is located in Italy, where police found a fake diamond-like other sizes are zirconia stone.
At the preliminary hearing to a close, one of the accused in order to remove or commutation of sentence, the judge confessed guilt.
He also revealed his associates is a member of a criminal organization, the organization operating underground gambling network in China, opened a massage parlor and organized prostitution.
He said he borrowed a loan-sharking, another defendant also has one million yuan (equivalent to € 150,000) of usury arrears. They said the theft of jewelry have been changed hands in Macau.
Two of the defendants with theft Tokyo and Moscow may be relevant.
Prosecutor believes it is "an international organized group," and each of the accused requested a prison sentence of six years.
Paris final misdemeanor court sentenced three men per 5 years' imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros per person, and to prohibit their entry in the Greater Paris area and Monaco five years.
They have acknowledged the theft, the stolen rings should pay money to the jewelry store.