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the definition of Jewelry packaging

  • Author:Yif
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on :2014-11-26

Jewelry packaging 

Chinese Name: jewelry packaging
English name: Jewelry Packaging
Definition: Jewelry in the circulation process, to protect the product, square
Transportation will promote sales, depending on the circumstances mining
With the container material, aids and operation carried out
As in general.
Jewelry packaging materials
1, wood - MDF 

2, plastic - plexiglass, acrylic 

3, cloth - leather, velvet 

4, paper materials - paperboard, art paper, parchment charge 

5,metal -metal boxes with LED boxes 

Packing: 1, transport packaging - to protect jewelry, avoid jewelry 
Product loss. 
2, the sales package - aka (jewelry props), business
In order to promote the sale of their home, using containers or auxiliary
Aid material to show jewelry.
Jewelry sales package (jewelry props) classification