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World's top ten jewelry brand rankings

  • Author:Yif
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2014-11-17

                                  World's top ten jewelry brand rankings

1, Cartier (Cartier) 

Brand: history and wild beauty 

This was King Edward VII as the "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings," the famous brand in more than 150 years, the creation of many works of dazzling beauty. These works are not only creative boutique jewelry watches, but also have high artistic value, it is worth pondering appreciation, often also due to have ownership of celebrities, which were covered with a layer of legend. Prince ordered from India's huge necklace, to the Duchess of Windsor had the line go hand in hand in the tiger-shaped glasses, and full of great writers Cocteau sword symbol of the French Academy, Cartier another legend tells a story. 

2, Tiffany (Tiffany & Co) 

Brand: solemn and classic fashion 

September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany loans $ 1,000 as capital, located 259 Broadway in New York City opened a stationery and daily boutique company called Tiffany & Young, the opening day of the turnover of only 4.98 dollars; to Tiffany's death in 1902 left behind when the property was $ 35 million. No wealth is from heaven, from a small stationery boutique development to one of the world's largest jewelry companies today, "classic" has become synonymous TIFFANY, because there are too many people to be proud to wear jewelry TIFFANY it was co-deposited with the history and development so far. 

3, Bulgari (Bvlgari) 

Brand: Luxury 

This brand comes from the Greek, founder Sotirios. Bulgari is a silversmith Greek Epirus region. In 1879, his family emigrated to Sotirios Naples, Italy, in 1884 he was in Rome opened a silverware shop, which sells fine silver carvings. 

4, Locke Philippine Star (Lockstarfy) 

Brand: luxury and fashion 

World famous luxury jewelry brand, is a creation in 1899 of French jewelry and silverware company. In the jewelry industry as the focus of operations. Locke Philippine Star gradually establish branches in major cities worldwide. (Paris Fifth Avenue, a list of foreign luxury enclave) Philippine Star Locke developed a own gems, platinum standard, inspirational market diversion will do more detailed, so that different people have their own beautiful moment.
By celebrity politicians, sought after fashion and entertainment industry, like Queen Elizabeth's cousin, Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, the Netherlands Princess Maxima, Greece Princess Tatiana Blatnik, Greece Princess Marie - Chantal, Norway Princess Mette - Mary special, Princess Mary of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and so are his fans. In the fashion industry circulating a secret: Women attending the Fashion Festival, if you want to not know what to wear jewelry, it Peidai Luo nemesis Philippine jewelry. 

5, Van Cleef & Arpels VanCleef & Arpels 

Brand: aristocratic temperament and style 

Van Cleef & Arpels has been a world aristocrats and celebrities Ascot the special favorite of the top jewelry brand since its birth. Legendary historical figures and celebrities all star selection Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to show their very noble temperament and style. Beginning jewelry, it implied beautiful love sweet words. Its story comes from some enduring marriage. Of the 19th century, EstelleArpels and AlfredVanCleef, two from the Netherlands, the same jeweler tied the knot. After marriage, they are two sides to create a jewelry store's name as a surname No. jewelry business. Two jewels family combines their expertise skills, tireless pursuit of the ultimate jewelry art. 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) boutiques at the time of the most international celebrities who linger in Paris Fontaine Square debut, stretching a century jewelry saga from opening. 

6, City Jazz (DERIER) 

Brand: the ultimate pursuit of the process 

1837, City Jazz founder LouiseDerier (1807-1874) began in Paris GrandsBoulevards inlaid gold and silver and jewelry shop. Due to the unique family tradition and craft techniques LouiseDerier serious work of the spirit, so that the family was high society pedicle Grand respected products. 

7, Mikimoto (MIKIMOTO) 

Brand: King of Asia Pearl 

Mikimoto, the founder of the Japanese Mikimoto Mikimoto Mikimoto jewelry Fortunately, Gil enjoy the "Pearl of the King" (ThePearlKing) in the world, in order to artificially cultivate pearls method he created ancient heritage to 2003, has a full 110-year history. MIKIMOTO Mikimoto jewelry this year opened its first store in Shanghai, to show the world all kinds of pearl jewelry charm. Now established 103 branches around the world, by the fourth generation descendant of the family Toyohiko Mikimoto charge. Mr. Ito is currently president of the company. Mikimoto Mikimoto jewelry next year will launch a new "Diamond Series" products in Shanghai. Mikimoto Mikimoto jewelry perfect for classic quality and elegance have eternal pursuit, worthy as the "Pearl of the King." 

8, Boucheron (Boucheron) 

Brand: understated luxury 

Boucheron, renowned 150-year advanced timing and the famous French jewelry brand Boucheron Boucheron recently opened Ramada curtain will be the 18th in the fashion capital of Shanghai Bund. As GUCCI Group's top jewelry brand, founded in 1858, Boucheron, because of its perfect cutting technology and high quality gem quality is world renowned, is a leader in the jewelry industry, luxury characterization. Now, Boucheron become an international brand, open boutiques in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan and other places, and opened its first boutique in China - Bund 18 stores. Boucheron is the world remains one of the few jewelers fine jewelry and watches exquisite craftsmanship and traditional style. 

9, Demi Jani (Damiani) 

Brand: fashion trends and design sense wealth 

Damiani family beginning with jewelry, dating back to 1924 can be pushed, founder EnricoGrassiDamiani in Italian Valenza established a small studio, ornate jewelry design style, so that the rapid expansion of his fame, was highly influential for many family force designated exclusive jewelry designer, after his death, a second-generation descendant of Damiano in addition to follow the traditional design style, adding a modern and popular creative elements, while actively the studio transformed into jewelry brand, and unique Lunette (half-moon shape diamonds) techniques to re-interpretation of the diamonds shine, and since 1976, Damiani's works have gained international diamond Award (the importance of the arts like film Oscars) 18 times the affirmative, let Damiani true in the international jewelry market place, same time, it is also an important reason for Brad Pitt Damiani attract attention, and a year from now design director Silvia1996 winning entries ──BlueMoon, let the move from working with her heartthrob the idea of designing jewelry, designed together to give Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring and wedding ring, that is, respectively, in Japan Kuangmai of Unity (now renamed the D-side) and P-romise series, now let Bligh more new titles a jewelry designer. 

10, Daryl (Darry Ring) 

Brand: The only true love of his life testimony and inheritance 

Was given the world the world's most romantic marriage proposal diamond brand, said global sales of diamond to marry him No.1. Darry Ring unique place that only men with identity ID can be customized 一枚 life. Love the idea of using only the interpretation of the true meaning of marriage proposal diamond ring, making Darry Ring diamond brand in the world to marry him, a symbol of taste and style.
The date of the first appearance of the brand in the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, the world's top jewelry exhibition since, a century craftsmanship and the perfect blend of TRUE LOVE concept of international master, just so that the brand has become the focus of world attention. Not only that, Darry Ring with Pink Warmth rare pink diamond ring series to achieve a high-end custom Father Jean Vendome The French contemporary jewelery "Color Your Love decorate with color of love" dream. Now, Darry Ring has become a national show love lovers in mind and prove preferred commitments.

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