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Tiffany 2014 autumn new fine jewelry masterpieces

Tiffany 2014 autumn new fine jewelry masterpieces

Josephine wang Yadao 2014-09-22 18:31:48

Senior Tiffany jewelry masterpieces (Tiffany Masterpieces) to extreme beauty new release. Diamonds and colorful gemstones world's most beautiful, pure and modern style through the mosaic technique, perfect show Tiffany's extraordinary creativity and vision, limitless energy between the free flow of gorgeous jewelry works.

As the world's diamond authority, Tiffany innate elegance with diamond design gives the maximum extraordinary brilliance. In a series of top diamond jewelry masterpieces in most projects was undoubtedly drunk ecstatic style diamond pendant earrings, hollow diamond bracelets, diamond and pearl tassel earrings, and dotted with sapphire and pearl ring.

Another variety of diamond crafted by Rarity ring. As we all know, Tiffany enjoyed a reputation in the diamond fields. If Yao sun yellow, purple romantic soft pink, refreshing blue and green - Tiffany diamond has mysterious nature's most precious saturated color. Including yellow diamond ring with a dark brown green tones refers yellow diamond weighing 8.16 karats, set in 18K rose gold ring on the ring, package inserts with white opal stone and multi-color diamond.

The same color in a Art Deco Art Deco jewelry works to vividly demonstrated, green chalcedony, black spinel and diamond necklace and bracelet crafted in line with a beautiful buckle. A bunch of turquoise tassel diamond crown down from pouring, swaying Smart posture. Otherwise a 18K white gold and black lacquer wide-shaped bracelet, diamond inlaid ribbon pattern gorgeous embellishment on it.

2014 autumn by the brand new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof designed a series of new works of contemporary fine jewelry first release. Inspired by some of the works come from the collection of antique fine jewelry, diamonds set in exquisite link above plinth, while some style with a smooth line style in the 1940s. Ms. Amfitheatrof the princess-cut, long-shaped and round brilliant diamonds combined with mosaic, showing a variety of elegant and graceful necklaces and bracelets, creating modern new to enjoy the beauty of simple and confident style.

Each design in the details have been thought out, full of ingenuity - Diamond dynamic posture, clever relationship between the different elements - these are only the wearer can feel the tiny details are eleven thoughts, making jewelry richer emotions. Varying lengths of jewelry can be worn layered, creating a sense of space abundance, bloom bright Huaguang. Pieces of platinum diamond jewelry works like a scarf and brocade-like elegant and tasteful.

Amfitheatrof color match for showing extraordinary new. Her long black spinel and diamond-shaped cross mosaic, showing a linear pattern elegant and generous. Hand-carved molding cool colors and 18K gold white agate warm tones strong collision.

Citrine and turquoise inlay can be double-sided wear on a necklace, gold chain geometric shapes strong sense of three-dimensional sculptures, distinctive style, technology to attain.

Heritage and excellence handed down pour casting style, hand-crafted jewelry 2014 new advanced as masterpieces Tiffany Masterpieces gorgeous open a new journey for the brand.