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  • England customer
    Thank you for the Happy New Year, I am happy to do business with you, Hanna has helped me a lot and you should be proud to have such a good employee. There is lots of business this year to go through so as soon as my client starts giving me instructions I will be in touch with Hanna. Thank you for the gift, it was really thoughtful of you and I will be using it as my lucky pen this year. Speak soon Kind regards
  • A very, very, nice box!
    I could not be happier. The boxes are perfect. Better than I imagined. Thank you all so much. Sincerely yours,
  • Thanks for your care and attention
    Your service was excellent and I was very impressed with your high level of professionalism☺. All my very best wishes, and once again many thanks for your care and attention. Kind regards,
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Tina Yadao 2016-04-19 11:28:55

Romanti jewelry 14K Collection, an extraordinary craft from New York, both courage and charm of fashion low K, the confusion between the real details reflect the passage of time left unattended share distinctive, self-confidence and quality still can not erase years of scrutiny shiny.

Romanti jewelry 14K Collection, New York, to create a real, fine quality show "free, direct and personality," take you "rock the gold".

Currently 14k gold in the domestic market is relatively small, generally in Europe and America as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan for many, there are several reasons: 1. Traditional Chinese consumer awareness and consumer habits, preservation and heritage is based, 14K gold is low, the value of the traditional lack of consumer recognition; 2. Chinese gold 14K gold jewelry manufacturers manufacturing process reach the international advanced standards, product design and process innovation unsatisfactory;. 3 "14K" market concept packaging and promotion of the domestic market is still not developed.