Buying a beautiful piece of jewellery is one thing but the presentation of such a gift is another. If you have spent a small fortune on a prized possession for a loved one, should the quality of packaging be representative of the price paid?

Packaging entices us to look further, makes a product appear more desirable and if used effectively can lure us in to buy it. We’ve all seen cheaper looking products presented in a tatty looking plastic box, whereas some more costly products have packaging that becomes a firm keepsake. We believe that Jewellery packaging is a crucial factor to ensuring our satisfaction and it feeds our desire to buy beautiful looking things.

One such company that produces beautiful looking packaging is Astley Clarke. The video below showcases how each purchase is hand packed and presents a real testament to providing true luxury. We have also featured some amazing and creative Jewellery Packaging samples from companies around the world.

Jewelery Packaging

Alyssa Smith Jewellery Show us their new, great packaging design

Jewellery Packaging Inspiration

Winter Silversmiths present their great example of Jewellery Packaging

Winter Silversmiths Jewellery Packaging Inspiration

Tiffiany & Co. presenting their beautiful ring box example. One of our favs!

Tiffany Jewellery Packaging - Ring Box

Contemporary Jewellery designer Deborah Murdoch’s very lovely box design. Love the colours of the ribbon.

Deborah Murdoch Jewellery Packaging

European Jewellery Retailer 21 Diamonds have a created a very nice branded outer box and ribbon wrapped ring box.

21 Diamonds Jewelry Packaging

Jewellery Retailer Serendipity Diamonds present a wooden box with a branded outer presentation box

Engagement ring box and packaging by Serendipity Diamonds

Jewellery Retailer Thomas Gear based in Dublin, Ireland, present a lovely black Satin Bag with Gloss wooden box with branded interior.

Luxury Jewellery Packaging

Jewellery Manufacturer Gecko Jewellery based in the UK have recently restyled their children’s Silver and Diamond Range “D for Diamond” which a rich collection of colours with a child like charm.

D for Diamond Jewellery Packaging

Chester based retailer Kayes Jewellers present this luxurious packaging when customers make a purchase. Displaying some real attention to detail, with a unique box style and stunning ribbon tied bags. Makes me want to buy something!! Check them out at

Kayes Jewellers Packaging

Based in the prestigious Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham Newey’s Jewellery provide a nice quality packaging to encase their customers purchase. Simple and elegant. Check them out here

Neweys Jewellery Packaging

Having seen how the pros do it, how much importance should packaging play on our decision to make a purchase? Would a better looking box or bag make you want to pay more? or does it just allow you to make your mind up quicker? In some ways we feel it actually provides a confidence in the company, it can present a well established brand and like the multiple layers presented above provides a sense of wonder and excitement when opening such a gift. Lets just hope the item inside is worth the wait!!

We welcome your thoughts.