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Izabela Calik – Latin inspired Jewellery for the modern

Izabela Calik – Latin inspired Jewellery for the modern

Daisy jewellery news 2016-10-18 14:42:00

Izabela Calik – Latin inspired Jewellery for the modern 

Being a designer myself one of my favourite jobs is finding new and interesting creatives breathing life into an industry, working with intersting techniques and fusing materials to create original and creative designs. One such individual is London based jewellery designer Izabela Calik.

Izabela’s current latin inspired range combines two unusual materials, resin and precious metals, to great effect, presenting bold, luxurious jewellery for strong, independent women.

“The resin reflects a modern, trendy look, whilst the precious metals bring a sense of tradition and old values, creating amazing, bold style pieces. The delicate ivory shine with, deep black colour of the products with real gold or silver make for luxurious creation.” – Izabela

Izabela’s creations represent her values as a designer offering a sensual, smart, independent female look. This signature range offers a rich insight into this rising star and feel there is far more to come from this inspiring artist.
Izabela Calik - latina model

Izabela Calik

‘I believe my jewellery represents independent, strong, and happy women. It makes you feel like one of the kind’. – Izabela


Izabela Calik is a London based designer. Her jewellery is made of high quality resin with 925 sterling silver and 18 CT gold plated. Every single piece is hand crafted, polished and engraved on the inside with the logo of the brand with great attention to detail

The designer’s aim is to meet the needs of today’s women, combining two worlds: the modern one represented by resin and the traditional one found in precious metals.

The brand has been inspired by Latin culture and its charismatic personalities. The collection reflects independent, strong, and happy women.