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Global luxury company hundred strong , Chow Tai Fook among the top ten

Global luxury company hundred strong , Chow Tai Fook among the top ten

Amy Liu Yadao 2017-06-02 11:50:25
Deloitte released the top 100 list of global luxury goods companies, the French luxury giant LVMH (LVMH) won the top, Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Group among the top ten, but ranking from last year's 7 to 9

China and Hong Kong, a total of seven companies on the list, headquartered in Shanghai, the old Fengxiang ranked No. 13 in the list of mainland Chinese companies ranked the highest.

According to sales rankings, the top ten are:
1, France LVMH Moet Hennessy, annual sales of 22.431 billion US dollars, total revenue of 39.615 billion US dollars.
2, Switzerland Richemont Group, with annual sales of 12.232 billion US dollars.
3, France Estee Lauder (92.95, 0.58, 0.63%), annual sales of 11.226 billion US dollars.
4, the world's largest eyewear manufacturer Italy Lu Xun ladder card group, with annual sales of 9.815 billion US dollars.
5, Gucci parent company Kailing Group (Kerring), annual sales of 8.737 billion US dollars, but the total revenue of 12.867 billion US dollars.
6, Switzerland Swatch Group, with annual sales of $ 8,808 million.
7, the French L'Oreal Group, with annual sales of 8.031 billion US dollars.
8, the US clothing giant Ralph Lauren (68.24, -1.05, -1.52%), annual sales of 7.425 billion US dollars.
9, Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook Group, with annual sales of 7,795,000,000 US dollars.
10, the US clothing giant PVH Group, with annual sales of 6.292 billion US dollars.

JCK Las Vegas 2017

Rolex ranked 11th, with annual sales of $ 5,724 million. Lao Fengxiang ranked 13th, followed by Hermes, with annual sales of $ 4,994 million.
List of the other mainland China and Hong Kong companies are: Chow Sang Sang, ranked 25th; Luk Fook Group, ranked 28; Oriental Jin Yu, ranked No. 36; Zhejiang Ming licensing jewelry, 48; Lee state holding, 89.