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Tiankuo counterfeiting advent of new technology products

Tiankuo counterfeiting advent of new technology products

Tina Yadao 2015-12-11 17:04:20
Tiankuo security company specializing in security for the leading material suppliers, product positioning in the high-end market. Main products are tamper-proof identification strip one-stop solution and anti-counterfeit trademarks (including: new downstream customers mainly covers banking, aviation, medicine, food, cosmetics, automotive electronics, mobile phones, computer accessories, tobacco, express, logistics, jewelry, commerce, arts tickets, etc.), the annual output of about 86 million units, product positioning in tamper-proof high-end market. In recent years, companies in the security industry leading position maintained on the basis of, and actively to security product innovation and tamper-proof packaging products, at the same time from multiple security products combined with packaging development, and more anti-counterfeiting technology combined with innovative products belonging to the new era in the field of security areas, and Compared to traditional security, combined with new multi-counterfeiting security has a high coefficient, counterfeiting difficult, the appearance of fine, high technology, innovation, stronger features, the company is expected to bring new profit growth point, to look forward to future growth space.

According G3 roundup: 2015 anti-counterfeiting packaging products in four major categories (the electronic communications package, logistics packaging, tobacco packaging jewelry packaging and packaging), accounting for up to 67 percent, is the main force of anti-counterfeiting packaging. Future As society advances, consumers are increasing product requirements, and security products has become increasingly important. So, how to effectively combat counterfeiting, to ensure that consumers get real materials, while also maintaining the credibility of genuine brands do? Security products for its variety, superior performance, adaptability, wide range of applications and other advantages will We will have good prospects for development. At present, the scale of anti-counterfeiting packaging and tamper-proof manufacturing enterprises are facing a huge challenge, to small and medium enterprises packaging enterprises, the large number of industry concentration dispersion, SMEs still low-end products. The days of wide security companies through competitive differentiation with strong competitiveness in the high-end products.

With the rapid development of economic globalization, Tiankuo security company also further strengthened the company's azimuth adjustment, how to deal with the new situation of the development of the new era of security industry, science and technology to meet the new challenges of international competition, has become a unified security issues facing the industry . As a responsible security company, not only to see that this is a huge market opportunity, but also for their own business a new challenge.

Tiankuo security company's security in the long road always silently adhere to as a security man duties. Immediate Tiankuo has embarked on a journey of rapid development, along with the popularity of new technology products, Tiankuo security will also usher in a new chapter.