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    Thanks for your care and attention
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    A very, very, nice box!
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The feelings of love public

  • Author:Tina
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2015-10-30
Xinmi City is located in Zhengzhou City of Dengfeng City, in the commercial city Cultural Tourism Zone, the Yellow Emperor Cultural Tourism Zone, Songshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Luo cultural tourism zone "four areas" intersect core position while Zheng - less - Luo an important node on tourist routes, the development of tourism innate advantage is very obvious.

To build the industrial park upgrades boost business

The main production base is located in Xinmi City, Henan dream Cheung Silver Co., following five product series matrix is ??built, the layout of their future upgrading of enterprises, the pursuit of sustainable development and has a higher goal. In the "Xinmi City, the new" three "coordinated development spatial planning", the project has been approved to enter the planning and implementation stages of Mengxiang jewelry Tourism Industry Park, is the target of a specific landing implemented. It is located in Xinmi city charm on tourism and leisure travel routes, and therefore meet the prerequisites for the development of industrial parks jewelry tourism.

Planning Mengxiang jewelry tourism Industrial Park, located in Henan Province, the center of the group of nine cities, 33 km northeast from the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng City, 47 kilometers east of the ancient city, 78 km west from the ancient city of Luoyang, 49 km away from the Shaolin temple, from Xinzheng International Airport 31 kilometers, 15 kilometers away from the new city.

Meng Xiang Jewelry Tourism Industry Park planning area of ??300 acres, located in the north of Gordon 苏寨村 providers speed zone. Major projects supporting service area park staff skills training centers, jewelry exhibition exchange center, silverware museum, office building, the park multi-service centers, jewelry cultural performance hall, DIY product experience center and product R & D center. The main item of jewelry display area as the center of cultural plaza plaza cultural themes. The main items of jewelry production and processing area for the production and processing plants, supporting the production and processing factories. The main products of the project area for the logistics, warehousing logistics, warehousing jewelry factories.

Form the overall landscape structure Mengxiang jewelry Tourism Industry Park can be summarized as follows: two axes, two belts, one core, multi-point.

Two axes, the core area of ??the north-south trail is mainly relying landscape landscape spindle, the main east-west road to rely landscape minor axis. Two belts, to the core area of ??the cross-cutting tourism node green belt as the basis, with eco-tourism landscape formed; ecological water system to optimize the existing gullies reserved landscape water as the basis, the formation of penetration landscape.

One core, the center square jewelry culture as the basis, the core of the formation of the landscape. Multi-point, referring to the various tourist attractions nodes.

Core Area planning major cruise line to walk mainly along the corridor landscape planning, landscape nodes to each series, in order to achieve the purpose of tourists to view. Currently, the dream Cheung jewelry Tourism Industry Park is in full swing, speeding up the implementation.

Public highlight corporate responsibility effort hometown

Entrepreneurial success, Henan Mengxiang Silver Stone Products Co., Ltd., chairman of Li Jie has not forgotten the way to show concern and support of his fellow villagers. He will look more towards the home construction and social welfare services. "Businessmen position, should be not to take advantage of justice, shall be to facilitate justice, taken from the community, giving back to society, to assume more social responsibility." Li Jie Shi said, "a person no matter how much wealth ability, as long as you willing to take, we will naturally do some good things. "

In nearly 20 years of rapid development and growth in the dream Cheung, Li Jie stone and Mengxiang companies involved in social welfare undertakings are increasingly widespread. 2008, Mengxiang invest more than 60 million for the 苏寨村 built a new "Dream Cheung Road", the investment of millions to support the new rural construction.

In addition, the dream Cheung also established the "dream Cheung Love Foundation", earmarked for poverty alleviation projects to save trapped; from 2008, the company more than a month to Xinmi 100 octogenarians earmarked, each paid 100 yuan condolences gold. In 2011, the company funded the establishment of "Dream Cheung Hope Primary School", and has funded more than 20 poor college students, more than 120 households living hardship.

March 3, 2014, "Dream Xiang" Teacher education and training fund secret experiments in the new school was officially launched. It is reported that this fund spearheaded by the company's chairman Li Jie Shi Meng Xiang. For the years has always been concerned about education in his hometown of Mengxiang companies, the teacher education and training fund was officially launched but a dream Cheung once again show a positive commitment to social responsibility. All along, the company chairman Li Jie Shi Meng Xiang have a deep sense of Educational Complex, the "dream Xiang" enterprises bigger and stronger is his dream, and help the development of home education is another of his long-cherished wish. Day of the ceremony, the company chairman Li Jie Meng Xiang Shi, senior representatives of the company and all the staff were present experimental high school.

In early 2014, Li Jie Shi inadvertently learned from their teacher Miss Li Jing at the Experimental High School teacher training and education aspect needs to be improved, but faced with the problem of financial difficulties, has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, the heart of education, he recorded these things in mind . Lunar New Year, Li Jie Shi began actively preparing for this work. To enhance the level of teacher education and management skills, he first providing a $ 50,000 fund teacher training, training and learning for out within recent times teachers work. He said that in future the company will be in batches Mengxiang paid funds needed to finance the teachers go to learn.

2015 Mother's Day, Mengxiang more established "one hour to accompany fund" to express the mother interpretation of filial piety, the Chinese traditional culture into action.

Li Jie stone heart gratitude and good will, into action to return to the home and community. He is more powerful than the "persuasion" and "teaching by example" to give employees a greater appeal and those around them. Today, the "Thanksgiving feedback" has become one of Mengxiang core corporate culture.