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    Thanks for your care and attention
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    A very, very, nice box!
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    England customer
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Window props jewelry business value can not be ignored

  • Author:Yif
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2015-05-27

                  Window props jewelry business value can not be ignored

        Window props jewelry is an important factor to attract customers into the store, with its more direct display of results to attract consumers, consumers tell the effect after wearing, play a more important role than in-store shopping guide. Window props jewelry display design of its maximum size, showing the most intuitive effect, sales and product dissemination of corporate culture plays an important role. Jewelry display props static presentation has not adapted to the development of society, only unique creative and perfectly convey the spirit of the brand, style jewelry jewelry display props design to stand out. 

        Jewellery window props showing beautiful Art Deco attract more visitors to the eye. As we all know, a good showcase jewelry window props image could effectively demonstrate the overall strength of enterprises, can give consumers a professional and reliable first visual effects, approaching the psychological distance, to produce trust. It is the most direct expression of a brand promotion. 

        In the simplest case, Tiffany jewelry window props, with their elaborate ornaments and jewelry display props will make visitors feel like being in a fairy in the underwater world, the overall color to gold-based, each of the small jewelry shop window props are chosen coral reef undersea scene was like, casually hanging with 18K necklace material, or in a "tropical fish" tail and hung a pair of delicate earrings. There are gold gray yarn softly set off the mood of this environmental and ecological theme, into which jewelry like playing a role, so the moment you park also had a dialogue with them. Movement among the under visual stimulation, both showing products, but also to promote the values ??of corporate love nature, love life. No special staff commonplace greeting, mysterious glass window props jewelry solicitation weakened the deliberate way, so rendering attract more viewers want to know the owner, to "The silence sound" effect. 

        In addition, there are also particular about this jeweler jewelry display props cultural penetration, for example, to do a jade company, jewelry items selected Chinese traditional cloth, put the card is a small dustpan gray Old made. Full of classical flavor and a little cute childlike. At this point we can say the atmosphere, simple simple.

        Compared to domestic jewelry company, so that the ultimate art of very few a few. This shows that the jewelry business for the products on display props design role in branding and marketing but also lack of awareness. Clever jewelry display to guide the impulse spending, achieved sales promotion. Sales 4P (product --Product, price --Price, location --Place, promotional --Promotion) in jewelry display props and props jewelry display window is a very critical aspect Jewelry props on display disorganized, can not be stimulated From consumers to buy, brand trust on the decreases. The jewelry display props to show an important part of visual merchandising. By product, the jewelry shop window props, jewelry display, jewelry props, classic jewelry repair, lighting, music, POP posters of scientific planning, can promote product sales, enhance brand image. 

        For businesses store, a jewelry display props is essential lesson of marketing, but also constantly changing. Such as Coca-Cola to display mode presented a detailed inventory requirements: in many stores to showcase their products. Vertical display the same brand, same packaging level display. Maintaining each brand, each package has at least two or more rows of display surface, in order to facilitate and increase product replenishment cycle. And display size distribution should be determined in accordance with the sales. European jewelry company also attaches great importance to the design of the jewelry shop window props, props jewelry display they will do special programs, specifically made for the jewelry display props, basically not reused. 

       Jewelry display props around marketing campaigns, not blindly novelty seeking strange, focused to highlight the theme, by shape, color, light, perfectly convey the expression of ideological content of the product. Secondly, there is also beauty. Applying the principles of spatial composition, symmetrical, balanced, rhythm, contrast and other techniques exhibits artistic window props jewelry design. Finally, jewelry display props Extreme products but also to ensure the space and location. Popular, that is to take advantage of a prime location. 

        According to the information proved the best position products on display are: the center-left counter position, near the cashier's position, placement on the counter, with the target consumer line of sight as much as possible equivalent to the counter. Products should longitudinally display. Eye most easily seen, the position of the hand most likely to get the best display position belongs. Usually used to display high-margin products, to reflect the company's brand image specialty products.