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jewelry Props design methods

  • Author:Yif
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on :2015-02-04

                                                                     Jewelry Props design methods

        Jewelry display jewelry props are in direct contact with body image, and sometimes even directly determine the customer wishes to purchase, and therefore is the most important in the jewelry packaging. So what to do to design jewelry props reflect its value? 

        First make sure the exact size before designing jewelry showcase and clear the counter how much volume, placement of each product. 

        Products are the products of the first elements of the design decisions, usually we will choose red gold, jade will choose black and white. Volume much as possible to select the tray, small volume, focused selection of spare parts. Corner showpiece is often the focus of the entire store, so props corner design becomes particularly important.

        Second, the image of the jewelry counter props also important factors design, and now many of its stores in jewelry company VI aspects more stringent requirements, embodied in the renovation.

        Jewelry counter style, color, material, there are stringent requirements, props must be combined with counter design drawings.

        The last question is the price, the price impact of their props different materials is relatively large. Throughout the renovation process, the jewelry store, jewelry props price is one of the relatively small part, but it shows the image of the jewelry really has a very important impact.

        We need to combine the specific circumstances, the design allows the product plus props.