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    Thanks for your care and attention
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    A very, very, nice box!
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Jewelry showcase lighting production details

  • Author:Yif
  • Source:Yadao
  • Release on:2015-01-12

                     Jewelry showcase lighting production details

        Jewelry showcase generally used to show small pieces of delicate items, you can set a small spot at the counter, such as quartz lighting, LED lighting, fiber optic lights for illumination. You can also special lighting metal halide lighting installed in the ceiling above the counter Leichuan jewelry counter. If the project costs allowed by fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, not to the advantage of bringing in the jewelry showcase excessive heat.

        Jewelry showcase jewelry display provides a platform, is an important part of achieving customer and jewelry impression docking, greatly affects the customer's overall impression of the jewelry trade and level position, so buy jewelry showcase jewelry dealers in time with great attention to jewelry showcase the overall effect is to end atmosphere on the grade. So, jewelry showcase jewelry makers how to fully meet the needs of dealers, making a satisfactory jewelry showcase works? Chinese share of high-end jewelry showcase jewelry city design features three elements.
Jewelry showcase lighting design focus on three-dimensional .

        accounts Guide simulated trading software collection Kim, Quotes desktop tool kinds of different types of lamps light color is also different, such as halogen lamps warm yellow light, LED cool colors high white ...... jewelry showcase for lighting design requirements, to configure the appropriate light color for the jewelry must first clear light jewelry showcase, jewelry display cabinet lighting from the top of the first light source, the light source and the inside of the front side of the light source. Different parts of the light source color choice also has some stress: Top main source for metal halide and lighting, jewelry display cabinets inside of multi-use fluorescent lighting to enhance the overall brightness; left and right corners of the front counter cold install spotlights and more LED light source as a supplement to improve the three-dimensional jewelry. 

        Unique diamond texture edges with light reflection, highlighting the effect of crystal clear, dazzling effect better bring noble quality jewelry to stimulate customers to buy. 

Jewelry showcase color and simple design, develop harmonious beauty 

        Jewelry showcase color design in general adhere to simple, elegant principles, because too much visual color changes likely to cause consumer fatigue. Jewelry showcase the best colors and color similar to the color of the jewelry company logo or even the same, the corporate logo for the choice of colors is all art forms among the most demanding and rigorous, and usually no more than three colors, mostly delivered positive, clear, easy, pleasant message, in line with the nature of their products, jewelry showcase manufactured using the same color overall sense of harmony.