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Jewelry boxes Introduction and classification

Jewelry boxes Introduction and classification

Yif Yadao 2014-12-17 18:53:28

                        Jewelry boxes Introduction and classification

Jewelry boxes Introduction

        Interpretation It is generally used to do a soft lining material, and contains antioxidant and fiber abrasion resistance, to prevent wear on jewelry, appearance wearing the appropriate key or combination lock style, in order to protect the safety of jewelry .

Jewelry boxes classification

1,Leather jewelry box

       The fashion elements and would like to combine classical atmosphere, filled with a rich and modern. Generally divided into crocodile leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry boxes, are more representative.

2,Wooden jewelry boxes

        Relatively simple and elegant, suitable for women to use grade elegance. The wooden jewelry box MDF materials have divided it with wood, mahogany wood is generally divided into jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes pine, oak wooden bead treasures, treasures mahogany wood beads, ebony jewelry box, the most distinctive is the catalpa wood products. Catalpa wood is walnut, because growth is slow, it's fine pattern, texture, and has a representative, such as national craft jewelry box outside the European pine often as a material. MDF, plywood is what we call, compression board, fiberboard, plywood, MDF board, solid wood because of the construction process is more complex, time-consuming, labor is relatively high, the market some wooden jewelry boxes, are generally used , MDF crafted wood skin surface mount, made out of effect, with little difference between wood, the layman is difficult to tell the difference, and a certain sense, saving the cost of the cost of the box. 

        Redwood darker, heavier wood, hard material, usually wood itself has its own fragrance exudes, this material made of antique jewelry box, highly textured. As a rosewood mahogany, with a jewelry box made of color it does not static noise, texture, or hidden, or are vivid and varied. 

        Pine has a pine scent, color yellow, boils much scar. Jewelry box material made of this natural color, texture clear and beautiful, pure and bright colors, showing plain texture. In the hustle and bustle of the city, meet the people back to nature, back to the real demands of my mind. But soft pine wood, easy to crack, and easy to change color, so in daily use should pay attention to maintenance. 

        Oak "China's oak," said the material hardness, high strength, heavy, dense wood unique structure, texture clear and beautiful. Oak wood moisture, abrasion, coloring, good soil ornaments performance. With oak wood jewelry box with a calm and dignified, elegant simplicity characteristics. 
        Mahogany wood to hard light, shrinkage of small, usually reddish-brown heartwood, and has a luster as long as possible. It has shades of Radial section lines, showing satin-like, very beautiful, delicate texture and elegant with a satin-like feel. Wooden easy peeling and chipping, with good sculptural, painting, glue, stain, good stapling performance. Such material is made with a jewelry box, with elegant appearance characteristics. 

        Ebony obvious difference between heartwood and sapwood, sapwood white (with cinnamon or schungite) to reddish brown; heartwood black (or slightly chaotic black jade color) and irregular black heartwood (the arrangement of its shades of white stripes). Wood surface gloss, feel warm, no special smell. Black and white texture, depth staggered. Material hard heavy, delicate, corrosion resistance, durability, is a precious wood furniture and handicrafts. Such material is made with a jewelry box, steady heavy, both to reward projects, but held onto that. Fishes swimming in wood looming, subtle rather than obvious, hand touch the smooth as satin.