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What are the requirements Jewelry Design Showcase?

What are the requirements Jewelry Design Showcase?

Josephine wang Yadao 2014-10-24 19:20:16
The purpose of the design is to make jewelry showcase limited space consumers most effectively receive information. Therefore, jewelry display cabinet design is centered on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the activities carried out show. What are the requirements jewelry showcase design it?

Jewelry showcase should be harmonious, not chaotic, stand by many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibition stands, exhibition and other components. Good jewelry showcase design is to these factors together as one, to help exhibitors achieve display purposes.

Jewelry showcase design should not be too complicated simple and elegant

Most people at the moment can only accept limited information. Spectators walking in a hurry, if not get a clear message at the moment, it will not generate interest. In addition, the booth is also easy to reduce the efficiency of complex booth staff. Exhibits choice to be representative, must be chosen, there must be rejected. Simple, clean is the best way to attract the viewers eye. Photographs, charts, text should be clear, concise, and exhibited target and display the contents of unrelated decorative design should be reduced to a minimum.

Jewelry showcase design to highlight the focus

Jewelry showcase design should center and focus. Focus booth to attract attention. Focus should be chosen with the purpose of exhibition, normally would be quite special products, new products, or products is very important, by location, layout, lighting, etc. designed to highlight key exhibits.

Jewelry showcase design theme to articulate a clear message to be delivered

Theme is exhibiting companies want to pass to the visitors basic information and impressions, usually exhibiting companies themselves, or products. Clear theme from one angle is the focus, the other hand is to use the right color, style and layout design, resulting in a unified impression with a coordinated manner.

Jewelry showcase eye-catching logo design must

Distinctive design can attract the attention of visitors with too, so that visitors can more easily identify and recognize products, remember the product, from impressed and will be touched upon memories. Design to unique, innovative, to attract the eye of the audience, but do not show off target and commercial image.

Jewelry showcase design should take the perspective of the target audience for the design

Traditional jewelry showcase design, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc., emphasizing the eternal, authoritative and spectacular. But in a competitive exhibition, exhibition success largely depend on the interest and reaction of the audience at. Therefore, the jewelry showcase design should consider who the target audience is mainly purpose, emotions, interests, opinions, and reactions and other factors. Design from the perspective of the target audience, likely to cause the target audience's attention, sympathy, and impressed the audience.

Jewelry showcase design should consider the space

Jewelry showcase designers must consider the number of staff and visited the booth number. Crowded booth ineffective, but also make some target audience lose interest. Conversely empty booth will have the same effect. In this regard, the use of booth area is a major factor.

Jewelry showcase design should consider abortion safe

Exhibitors may want to have a lot of freedom to move around within the booth space, so that the audience can understand the positive product information, may also wish to record information for each member of the audience, booth arrangements for crowd control management is a key factor. Therefore, the jewelry showcase designers will begin to understand what exhibitors want abortion.

Jewelry showcase booth design and easy to build and easy to dismantle

Stand structure should be simple, within the specified time can dismantle. Building demolition construction time is usually determined by the exhibition organizers. Jewelry showcase designers should be aware of before you begin designing construction time. Jewelry showcase design to be careful, can not be easily changed.

Jewelry showcase design, to be thoughtful, comprehensive, jewelry showcase designs do not easily once the discussion to go through that, especially not change in the post-production, so that might delay the construction time will increase costs even affect the overall results . Budgets are often inaccurate. There may be a big gap between the budget and design, as a jewelry designer showcase, you must accept the reality of the budget, the budget, try to do jewelry showcase design work. If the budget is not clear, does not mean there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble.