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Mother's jewelry story

Mother's jewelry story

Tina Yadao 2014-09-06 23:55:41
Hundreds of years ago in the city of Rome, two children are under the morning sun happily play, their mother, Connie LI Ya came and said to them: "My dear children, today there is a wealthy friend to come to our homes, she also showed us her jewelry boxes. " 

In the afternoon, that wealthy friends came. Circle in her arms flashing a dazzling light, sparkling ring finger, wearing a gold necklace around his neck, pearl jewelry is a soft bun on the light. 

Brother against brother exclaimed: "She looks so noble, I have never seen such a beautiful person." 

Brother, said: "Yes, I think so!" 

They look with envy at the guests, but also to see his mother. Mother wearing only a plain coat, they do not have any precious jewelry. But she was genial smile lit up her face, far better than any jewel light. Her golden brown hair into a long braid, coiled like a crown on his head. 

"You want to see my other jewelry you?" Wealthy woman asked. 

Her servant brought a box and put it on the table. The lady opened the box, inside there are piles of like blood red ruby, sapphire blue, like the same day, like a sea of green as jade, as bright as the sun diamonds. 

The brothers stare at these jewels: "If our mother to have these things nice ah!" 

After the guests to show off their finished jewelry, complacency but mercy and said: "Tell me, Connie LI Ya, you really so poor it did not do what jewelry?" 

Connie LI Ya frankly laughed: "No, of course I have jewelry, my jewelry is more valuable than you."

Guests stared: "Is it out fast so I see it?!" 

Mother of the two boys pulled their side, she smiled and said:. "? They are my jewels are they more expensive jewelry than you do." 

The two boys, Thebe Reese and Kars will never forget their mother was proud of his face and a deep love. A few years later, they became the great Roman statesman, but they still often recalled the year of this scene.

Major principles: the child is the mother of the most precious treasures, most mothers pride treasures. This family is anything else in the world can not match.